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In a word, compassion, in explanation, everything!
Our world has got everything. We are scaling mountains, breaching sound barriers, and traversing oceans at supersonic speeds. We even can make a trip or two to a distant planet. The only flaw in this otherwise noble plan of making our world an advanced civilization is that we are abandoning one thing that separates us from every other being our consciousness.

Many might label me a troglodyte, a caveman. I can only wish you cut the old man some slack. The idea is not to slander progress. That would be blasphemy. It is simply to remind us that with all the intelligence, our progress must be all-encompassing and include every other being we share this planet with. If we are trampling any other being, that can hardly be called “Progress”; if anything, it is “Massacre.”

But that is a lot of macabre in one discussion. I wouldn’t want to be remembered as a cranky old man, no sir!
With my poetry and writing, I wish to remind people and our dear children that the world is as much ours as it is of the beautiful animal friends and other fascinating creatures that make this world the beautiful planet we call home. And trust me, a little inspection will unravel the fact these animals play as much of a role in keeping this world together as we think we are. What we have to and must do is understand the world around us. Speak the language it speaks. And the only language that needs no translation is “Compassion.”

One you can speak, even without words. If there is a language of life, I will waste no second saying it is this. The world surely needs sustainability, but what it also needs is inexhaustible and indiscriminate love for every living creature. That needs neither money nor anything techy, techy, only a warm heart.

I am sure you all have that one sitting inside.

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