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Poetry and similar expressive arts are of critical importance for a child’s social and emotional development. The Emotional development of a child is a tricky road to course through, not only for the child but for the parents.

My research over the internet unraveled that poetry is a tool that can be relied upon to help in such a predicament. While adults can construct secure attachments with their little ones with a little reading, children can learn to accept and acknowledge different perspectives. Poetry can make the process a fun one.

My inclination toward animals

If you are reading this blog, I am sure you will have browsed through the website and concluded that I have an inclination towards this admirable world and our animal friends. If you haven’t, you will. One reason I love writing a fun poem about animals is the fact that I have found animals as honest and pure as children. Any bond with an animal is always genuinely one from the heart. Animals don’t judge on appearance, and neither do children. Also, I believe that the world belongs to animals as much as it belongs to us. And trust me, as much as I want it to be, the reason is not only altruistic.

Animals are important, and I don’t have a better and more accurate way of saying it. For that, I have my Hugo the Hippo and many other funny poems that I will send your way. I believe animals provide us with incontestable companionship. They can help us learn about nature and the world around us, and they can even teach us important life lessons.

I have also seen kids interacting with animals seamlessly without the animals being patient and comfortable, which prompted me to explore more. How could a mindless animal be okay with being scratched and pulled at the tail by a toddler was mind-boggling for me?

I learned that for kids, having a pet can be a great source of companionship. They offer unconditional love and support, and they form a sense of protection towards the kids. Not only that, but surprisingly enough, kids, too, develop a sense of responsibility when they have an animal to take care of.

Animal Poetry for Kids


I found writing a poem about animals for kids fun and useful. Kids love to sing and dance and laugh. My animal poems could be funny, whimsical, and downright silly, and they could simultaneously be thought-provoking. What I have learned is that poetry can be used to instigate problem-solving skills in kids because it can allow kids to cater to a different perspective, such as their favorite characters in the poems, which is essential to critical thinking and problem-solving.

Another, rather value that I believe kids need to learn in our evolving world is the value of identity and the differences people might have in the society around them. And there is nothing better than our animal friends that can express the idea playfully and comprehensively. Fingers Crossed!

All in all, animal poems are a great way to teach values to kids. They can help kids learn about empathy, respect, and responsibility, all the while making the learning experience a cheerful memorable one.

Since I am no psychologist, I will only let Hugo the Hippo take it from here. Read a few of his exploits with his friends. I am sure you’ll get my point.

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